what is Computer? and How to work's Computer?

Hello friends, do you want to know that "What is Computer Friends", people often understand that a computer is like an almighty, but it is not so. A computer is only an automatic electronic machine. Someone who completes every task at a very fast pace and does it. The capacity of the computer is limited. A computer is made up of the English word Compute. Which means to calculate.

Friends, it is called a computer in our language. A computer is used to process a lot of information and gather information. By the way, I know that you know (Definition Of Computer). Do you know how Computer works? Do not know, then let us tell you through this post "What is Computer".

A computer is one such device. Whoever keeps the data inside. And that is the process to show that result according to the software or program that data. A computer has been termed as crafted knowledge. Its memory means memory is much higher than ours.

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What is Compute and how does it work?

what is Computer?

Elementary word of computer
1. Data: It is a systematic data or fact. This is the first stage of the process. It divides common data into two parts.

Numerical Data: Such data use digits from 0 to 9. Such as paying the worker, showing the marks obtained in the examination, arithmetic-numbers, etc.
Alphanumeric Data: In this data, digits, letters, and symbols are used. Like someone's name, someone's address, etc.
2. Information: The result obtained after processing the data stored inside the computer. It is called information.

Characteristics of Computer
1. The computer performs any task very fast. This saves us time.

2. The computer gives the work to the computer by doing the right work.

3. A computer provides us the facility of storing any data and huge storage capacity.

4. When we assign any work to the computer. So the computer is able to take the decision of the predetermined instructions very fast.

What is Computer

Use of Computer
Friends, computers are used everywhere today. like:-

In the field of education (Education), in a scientific lab (Scientific research), in cutting ticket at a railway station (railway ticket booking center), in bank area, in business (administration), for entertainment ( Entertainment), and is done at many other places.

Function of computer
Data collection
Data storage
(Data Processing) Data Processing
Data Output
Data processing and electronic data processing in computers

Friends, when there was no computer, any decision was made to collect, or store, or show the data by a manual method to achieve the goal. Which was called data processing? As soon as the development took place, people started using computers for all these tasks. Which is called electronic data processing? The main goal of data processing is to get store data from located data. Which is used for decision making?

What is Computer

Computer System

A computer is a group of devices that process data together. A computer system consists of several units. Which is used in the electronic data processing

1. An input unit is something that takes data from a computer user and sends it to the central processing unit (CPU) as an electronic plus. Like when we go to withdraw money in any ATM machine, we are asked to enter the PIN number. For which the keypad is given as input.

2. Central Processing Unit (CPU): We are also called processors. It is an electronic microchip that processes data by converting it into information. A microchip is also called the brain of a computer. It controls all the functions of a computer system and it converts the input into an output. It combines the input unit and the output unit to form a complete computer system. It has the following parts.

What is Computer

How work's Computer || what is Computer?

(i) Arithmetic logic unit: It is used for arithmetic and computation. Including addition, subtraction, fold, division, etc.

(ii) Control Unit This unit controls all the functions of the computer within itself and coordinates all the parts of the computer. Such as input and output devices etc.

(iii) Memory Unit: It is used to store data and instructions. It is mainly divided into two parts as primary and secondary memory when the computer is functioning, ie used in turn.

3. Output Unit: The type of data that is taken from the central processing unit to make it understandable to the user. Like depositing bills in a supermarket. So he gives us a receipt which is called output.

What is Computer || How to work's Computer

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