benefits from computer networking

We have the following benefits from computer networking-

1. Resource Sharing

We can use the means connected to any computer in the network while working on other computers in the network. For example, if a laser printer is connected to a computer, any content on that printer can be printed from other computers in the network.

2. Speedy Transmission of Data
The networking of computers causes the exchange of information between two computers quickly and securely. This speeds up work and saves time.

3. Reliability
In networking, two or more copies of a file can be stored on different computers. If one computer goes bad or fails due to any reason, that data can be obtained from other computers. In this way, networked computers perform backup work for each other thereby increasing its reliability.
There are many advantages of networking as you can see in this picture.

What is a network?

A network is a collection of computers, servers, mainframes, network devices, or other interconnected devices that allow the sharing of data among themselves. An excellent example of a network is the internet, which connects millions of people all over the world.

Applications of Network

(Network Requirements and Applications)
Networking has contributed a lot in today's era. Below are some examples that are not possible without networking.


  • 1. Accessing Remote Database
  • A user can access any database available on computers connected to the network through his computer, the information and reservation database of railway, roadways, and air services can be accessed with the help of the network.
  • 2. Fax
  • If we have fax or model adapter card installed on our computer, then we can send a fax to any computer connected to the network. For this, there should be fax software on the sending and receiving computers.
  • 3. Electronic mail (E-mail)
  • Communication via email becomes quite easy if all the computers of an institute are connected to the network, then users can communicate through electronic mail, this communication is cheaper than any other type of communication.
  • 4. Online services
  • Some private sector companies such as Microsoft, AOL (American Online), etc. provide various online services to their customers through networking, their customers can communicate with each other and by accessing all types of databases available on the network. Can
  • 5. Online Trading
  • Through the network, any user can do online trading, that is, through the computer, he can do the work of selling and selling at his home.
  • 6. Game Playing
  • Users can participate in multi-user games through different network locations like chess etc.
  • 7. Banking

Users can make transactions in their bank account from any place in the country with the help of ATM, with this it has become easy to transfer money through networking.

Advantages of Network

  1. The exchange of data in electronic form accelerates the functioning and saves time.
  2. Hardware devices are used jointly by many computers, so computerization reduces costs.
  3. Many people can get one data and information at a time, so there is no need to exchange data and information.
  4. A user may not be able to buy all the expensive tools but he can use any type of tools as necessary with the help of the network. The user can run his work at a very low cost.
  5. It allows the user to communicate within the network using email, newsgroup, video conference.


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