Indian Railways: Churning on operation of trains after lockdown, only water will be available in trains like Shatabdi

After the lockdown ends, passengers may have to bring food during the journey on premium trains like Shatabdi Express, Gatiman Express and Tejas Express with Rajdhani.  Railways will supply only plain water in these trains.  During this time, physical distance in trains like Shatabdi and Tejas will be followed on the lines of airlines.  A second passenger will be seated behind the seat of a chaircar.

 After the lockdown in the Railway Board on Wednesday, there was a discussion on making a guide to run a limited number of trains on select routes.  In the bogies of general and sleeper class trains, there is a plan to remove the waiting list and middle confirmed seats for physical distance.  However, its instructions have not yet been issued to the zonal headquarters.

 Mirrors from AC class bogies can also be removed

 At the same time, the biggest crisis is due to the Corona virus traveling to AC class.  According to a senior Railway Board official, AC class bogies have central AC.  In such a situation, this AC cannot be operated.  The dilemma is also that without AC, passengers will not be able to travel in a fully closed bogie in suffocation and scorching heat.  The temperature will be near 44 degrees in May itself.  In this case, the mirrors of AC class bogies can also be removed.  That is, trains can be non-AC.  In this case the rent gap will be refunded.

 Thoughts on refusing food

 Tejas can be operated by following physical distance along the lines of airlines after the lock down is removed.  In this train, water can be given to passengers under vigilance.  The idea of ​​not giving food is currently under consideration.

 - Ashwini Srivastava, Chief Regional Manager IRCTC


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