Report of Ookla Mobile Internet speed increases

According to the report of Ookla, there was not much difference in the speed of broadband but in India the speed of mobile internet was recorded.
Mobile download speed in India was better than the previous week.  Internet speed testing firm Ookla reported in its report that the data speed was significantly better in the last week (April 20) as compared to the previous week.  The report also stated that broadband speed remained constant throughout the world including India and no significant changes were recorded.  India overtook Sri Lanka and the Philippines in terms of internet speed.

 Average speed in India was 10.35Mbps
 The average mobile download speed in India for the week of April 20 was 10.35Mbps.  However, this speed was less than the week of March 2.  The speed was 11.75Mbps in March.

 Better speed than last month
 The mobile internet download speed was reduced to 10.15 Mbps in March 2020.  It was 11.83 Mbps in February.  The use of the Internet has increased significantly since the lockdown was announced in India.  The association has appealed to Internet users to use Internet data responsibly to meet this new challenge of data congestion, especially between 9 am and 11 am and 4 pm to 9 pm.  In the middle peak hours.  This will reduce the pressure on the network of internet providers and the needy will continue to get decent speed.

 Broadband speed in india
 Fixed broadband speed in India was 35.84Mbps.  This speed is 7 percent lower than the week of March 2.  The speed was 38.66Mbps in March.  In Peru, speed decreased by 39 percent while in Morocco 27 ​​percent broadband speed decreased.  Average download speed in Taiwan was 110.46Mbps.  According to Ookla, the global broadband speed was 74.72Mbps.


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