Ways of control in computer cybercrime

If you use the Internet, it is possible that you too may at some time become a victim of the spread of crime. But if you take some caution beforehand, then you can avoid any big loss.

Especially nowadays cases of viruses or other types of crime are increasing more through social media. Internet crimes are called cybercrime with many types of crimes. In cybercrime, fraud, fraud, intimidation, card cloning, molestation, and objection are the major forms of crime of content share or hurt of one's feelings.

It is often seen that people do not know if anything wrong has happened to them, what should they do? Where to go and whom to complain to? But here we are going to tell you some such things which, if taken care of, can be avoided to a great extent by being a victim of these crimes-

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Keep these things in mind-

1- Save the proof-

If you are misbehaved on social media, you are a victim of fraud, then you should save the screenshot, link, date and time, etc. of the relevant page so that the concerned authority can be given as evidence at the time of the complaint. This will not only help in apprehending the accused but will also give awe among the perpetrators. Money has been withdrawn from the account, which should be immediately reported to the customer care of the bank or get the card blocked.

2- Complaint to the concerned authority-

After being a victim of online crime, you should complain to the concerned authority or institution. For example, if you complain to the bank about withdrawing money from a credit card, if someone is tinkering with Facebook, go to the reporting section of the help center and report his profile or blog. Complain about the police if the matter is serious. If the matter is bigger, then complain about it to the cyber cell of the police in the district.

  • Measures to avoid cybercrime-
  • Measures to avoid cybercrime-
  • Limit credit card withdrawal -
If your credit card is ever cloned or stolen, you can still avoid much loss. But for this, it is important that you do not keep more than 10-20 thousand rupees limit of shopping cash withdrawal with a credit card. The advantage of this will be that the thief will be able to extract the least amount and you can avoid huge losses.

Get antivirus

Most incidents of hacking and data theft are carried out through viruses. In such a situation, it is important that you put the anti-virus on your computer. Or you can keep a commuter of a brand like Apple in which there is no fear of viruses.

Do not click on unwanted links

If you want to avoid viruses and hacking then do not click on the unsolicited links coming from Facebook, WhatsApp, and email. On social media, if an unknown person messes up something and asks them to click on a link, beware of it. Blog such a person without giving any answer.

Change password

You should change the password of your debit card or credit card or social media account from time to time. Many times we keep the phone in the pocket without locking it. Due to which there is a risk of getting some messages or some other action from the phone. Keep at least 10 digits from the password and try not to have any name or things like date of birth or mobile number.

The increasing use of computer and Internet has taken us far ahead in the technical field. Today our daily life is largely dependent on it. Today there is no shortage of opportunities due to rapid technological growth and development. But these technologies have also brought many financial and security threats with them, which you should know about. In this post we will learn what is Cyber ​​Crime and how to avoid cyber crime?

What is Cyber​​Crime
Cybercrime or "cyber crime" is a threat that has increased rapidly in the last few years and has caught millions of internet users worldwide. Hackers and spammers can cause severe damage to an individual to business through these cyber attacks.

So the only way to protect yourself from the effect of Cybercrimes is that you should have knowledge about them. In this post, we will know in detail what is cybercrime? You will also learn about the types of cybercrime as well as how to avoid cyber threats. Let's go first, what is cyber crime? Then let's talk about other aspects of it.

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What is Cybercrime - What is Cyber ​​Crime?

Cybercrime is such an illegal activity in which digital technologies (Computer, Internet) have been used to commit crime. These cybercrime can pose a major threat to the security and financial health of a person or nation. Cyber ​​crimes involve various types of criminal activity, which include identity fraud, data theft, viruses attack, online fraud, child pornography etc.

The perpetrators of these crimes are called Cybercriminals. By using this computing device, they try to access a person's personal information, secret business information and government information. However, even a common person can knowingly and unknowingly do Cybercrime on the internet.

If you want to avoid the effects of Cybercrime, then it is very important for you to identify those illegal activities. However, at present, every country has its own cyber laws and they also take help of cyber security to deal with them. Let us understand Cybercrime with examples.

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Examples of cybercrime
Below is a list of different types of Cybercrime.

1. Thiefs illegally obtain a person's identity from any social networks so that he can misuse it by creating your fake id.

2. Online transaction fraud is also an excellent example of Cybercrime. This can be done in many ways in which criminals collect your plastic card details and empty your bank account.

3. To develop or distribute malicious software (adware, spyware, computer virus, etc.) to any system, it is also under Cybercrime.

4. Using copyrighted content of a person or organization without permission is also a crime.

5. Making any inappropriate post or indecent comment against another person on social media is also a cyber crime.

6. Online purchase or sale of illicit goods such as drugs and guns is also part of Cybercrime.

7. Creating child pornography or doing business online is also a serious cyber crime.

8. Copying or using any copyrighted software without buying it.

9. Distributing spam emails to thousands of people without any prior approval.

10. Trying to gain access to computer and network or to crash the system is Cybercrime.

Classification of Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are classified on the basis of the subject of crime. On this basis, there are three main categories of cyber crime in which:

  1. Crimes against individuals
  2. Crimes against organizations
  3. Crimes against the Society are involved.
  4. Cyber ​​Crime Against Individuals
Such crimes are committed against a person or their properties. Following are the examples of main crimes under it.

Unauthorized Access: When a person tries to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, network or online resources of another person, it is called unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is often done with the intention of obtaining or harming another person's data for personal gain.

Online fraud: This is the most useful technique for fraudsters in which they use computer and internet as a weapon. There are thousands of ways to commit online fraud and these are constantly increasing. The reason behind this is also to steal your personal information and use it for your benefit.

CyberStalking: Repeated harassment against a person using internet services is called Cyber ​​Stalking. This includes following the victim by cybercriminals, harassing emails, threatening him in social media, etc.

Hacking: It means to erase or change the information / data contained in a computer device. Hacking is the most common form of Cybercrime today. It can be in different forms, which includes everything from virus attack to password hacking.

Plastic Card Fraud: You will be doing online transactions many times in a day. But knowingly or unconsciously by revealing your credit card or debit card information on the internet, you can get into trouble. If you do not secure the electronic transaction, then your card details can be stolen by hackers.

Spoofing: This is the way in which hacker’s represent themselves as a genuine user. Spoofing is used to gain access to the computer and spread malware by infected links.

Identity theft: When scammers steal your personal and financial information and use it, it is called identity theft. If you make such information public on social sites, then the risk of this happening to you increases.

Cyber ​​Crime Against Organizations
In today's era, almost all big companies and organizations focus more on their online growth. In such a situation, they also have to deal with cybercrime. Some of the main cyber crimes that are committed against the institutions are examples.

Data breach: This is a cyberattack in which private and sensitive information of a business is released in an unsecured environment. Data breaches can cause businesses and consumers to suffer in various ways.

Cyber ​​terrorism: Such crimes are committed against the government, military installation, power plants, banks, telecommunication network etc. of a country. Their method is more dangerous than a traditional terrorism. These cyberattacks are done in domestic as well as international level.

Warez distribution: Creating a duplicate version of an organization's copyright properties and releasing them comes under warez distribution. This warez material can be the pirated version of a commercial software.

Denial of service (DoS) attack: This is a cyber-attack in which so much request or traffic is sent to an organization's computer resource or server, which it cannot handle and crashes. Due to the crash of resources, authorized users are not able to access that service. This makes the company suffer a big loss.

Cyber ​​Crime Against Society
Examples of such cybercrimes that affect the whole society are given below.

Child pornography: This includes describing or showing child sexual acts through films, pornographic websites. Apart from this, downloading and transmit child pornographic material using computer and internet also comes under this. Today, the use of the internet to exploit and abuse children is increasing all over the world.

Online gambling: Any kind of betting or betting which can be played with the internet using computer or mobile is called online gambling. Today, the business of online gambling has increased so much that many problems have arisen due to this.

Selling illegal article: Today there are many such auction websites on the internet, which are selling banned and illegal products to people. This type of crime is also done through emails, in which you are shown such products which are not recognized.

Forgery: With the intention of cheating people, they make counterfeit copy of fraudsters, documents, stamps, legal certificate, contract, currency notes etc. Also it is forgery to use another person's identity.

Spamming: Today it is easy to spam people through commercial advertising. You will also have such messages or mails in which bumper offers and new schemes will be given. For example, expensive goods cheaply and double your money. Actually, this is not the truth, but scammers are laying such traps to trap you.

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Apart from the types mentioned above, many other types of online crimes are also present in Cyberspace, which most people probably do not know. Therefore, it will be useful that you try to know more and more about it.

Categories of Cyber ​​Criminals
Cybercriminals are called those who carry out malicious activity using technology. Their intension to do this is to steal a person's or company's personal data / information and generate profit from it. By understanding the types and techniques of cybercriminals, you can avoid them. Common types of cybercriminals include:

Hackers and Crackers
Every task committed to breaking the security of computer and network is hacking. To do this kind of work, hackers develop a computer program and attack the targeted system. Crackers steal and modify the data in a computer system. They also insert viruses and worms to damage the system.

They trick you through most emails and messages. Often people get caught in the fraud of fraudulent scheme which seems profitable and attractive. Scammers first collect thousands of emails and then such spam emails are sent to them.

If you ever get such a phone call or message in which it is claimed that your account has been expired or blocked and we are sending you a message, you can start it again by clicking on the link attached. This is the technique of these phishers in which they make you believe that it is important for you to do this.

Internet Stalkers
These are cybercriminals, which continuously monitor a person's online activity. When necessary, they build relations with them on social networking sites and win their trust. Once these stalkers have access to your important information, then the game of blackmailing starts. They demand a bribe from you, but they can also slander you if you do not give them.

How to prevent cyber threats
Maybe you are starting to feel a little nervous after seeing so many types of Cybercrime mentioned above. But it is true that you are not completely secure online. Anytime a scam can happen to you, in this way only the right knowledge of prevention or prevention from cybercrime can save you from getting into it.

You can avoid becoming a Cybercrime victim by following the prevention tips mentioned below.

1) On educating yourself with the types of Cybercrime that exist on the Internet, you remain aware of all those online crimes.

2) Whenever you are checking emails or chatting on messenger, then be careful while clicking on the link attached in the message sent by any unknown person.

3) While navigating on the web, you need to avoid phony websites which ask for your personal information. Use the search engine for any kind of information, it sends you to the correct web address.

4) Apart from safe surfing, you also need to be careful while shopping online. Before entering the payment information on the shopping site, do a little investigation about the site. To see if a site is secure or not, check Trustmark, McAfee SECURE ™ in it.

5) Whenever you are on the payment page, look for the lock symbol in your browser. It represents that the site uses encryption to keep your information safe. Also see in the address bar of the site whether the URL is not started with "Http: //" instead of "https: //".

6) Use Firewall software. It is a network security system, which monitors traffic between computer / network and internet and prevents intruders.

7) Use Good antivirus program as well as keep your system updated. Because hackers have many ways to get access to your system and information.

8) Hackers can access your data even while transit on an unsecured wireless network. You must enable the firewall on your router and change the administration password of the router.

9) However it is easier to remember short password which is based on your birthday, middle name or girlfriend name. But it is also easy for hackers to break this type of password. Strong passwords help keep your account secure.

10) Avoid posting your personal information online and do not share sensitive information like - security number and credit and debit card number. Be careful while clicking on any link or downloading any application.

11) Always be alert to Cybercrime because they always make people their victims in new ways.

12) Do not believe in any such online scheme in which your money or any price is mentioned.

Where to report online Frauds in India?
In India, cases of cybercrimes and online frauds are increasing day by day. But those people who are Cybercrime victims do not do much about it. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to file complaints or reports against cybercrime.

You can submit Cyber ​​crime complaint online in Indian government's Cyber ​​crime portal. Apart from this, cyber cell is present in almost all big cities of India. This cybercrime department deals with complaints given both online and offline.

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If someone makes illegal and unlawful activity by creating your fake profile then you just have to report to cyber crime investigation cell. You can also call cyber police. Before filing a report, you have to make a formal complaint, in which evidence should be present with all the facts and details against crime.

If you want, you can also call the Helpline Number - 155260 of National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal. If you want to know about Cyber ​​Cells present in your city, then see the list of Cyber ​​Cells present in India.

What is a cyber cell
Cyber ​​Cell is a departmental body that handles cases related to Cybercrime. After the IT Act 2000, these cyber cells were opened in almost all major cities of India. This department also comes under criminal investigation department but it only handles criminal activity related to internet.

Laws made against Cyber ​​Crime
Due to increasing dependency on technology, the importance of Cyber ​​law has increased very much today. These laws made against cybercrime protect us from any kind of digital crime. Cybersecurity laws in India were introduced in 2008 by implementing the IT Act 2000. Under this law, crime of different types was covered.

The objective of the IT act is to:

Grant of legal recognition for E-transaction
To accept digital signature and give it legal validation of valid signature
Giving legal recognition to bankers and other organizations to keep electronic accounting book
Providing protection from online privacy and Cybercrime
However, after the implementation of the IT Act, many changes were made in it and in a few years almost all online activity came under it. It is also important, if we want to grow digitally, then we have to reduce the cybersecurity risk. So this law was introduced to secure Cyberspace altogether.

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The main motive of these cyber law in India is to prevent computer crime, online data theft, and fraud in electronic transactions. Apart from this, various types of IT act sections have been made for cyber criminals, under which they are punished.

In this post you learned what is cyber crime and how to avoid cyber crime? Under this, we told you about various types of cyber crime and measures to prevent them. In today's digital age the use of computing devices and internet is at its peak. In such a situation, it is very important to have information about cybercrime.

So hopefully, by reading this post what is cybercrime (You are aware) Finally, I request you to share this post more and more on social media so that people can spread awareness about it.


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