2 lakh rupees disappeared by ordering groceries online

A woman who was cheated by ordering items from a grocery store online  2 lakh rupees disappeared from the bank account  6 lodged a complaint with Bhabanipur police station  Lockeddown housebound people 6  Many of them rely on online or e-commerce sites to buy essentials.  Rumeli Mitra 7 from Kolkata also chose the app of a well-known company


 He ordered groceries online  Then some things are also delivered to his house  But some things are not fair - Rumeli Mitra 6 asked for a refund  In fact, the fraudsters wanted to trap him without giving him anything  Rumeli Mitra lost more than two lakh rupees from his account

 The woman has lodged a complaint with Bhabanipur police station.  According to police sources, Rumeli's parents live in Hazra.  He ordered some vegetable and grocery store items through the app of the well-known company as it is difficult to go there and buy daily necessities in the lockdown.  A few things also arrive on time.  However, his mother told Rumeli that some vegetables did not match.  He called to find out the customer care number of the company to get back the price of those vegetables.

 The woman told police that they were first informed by customer care that the executives were all busy.  After a while, they will contact the phone.  Then a call goes to Rumeli from a number.  He was informed that the money would be returned.  For this, a confirmation message has been sent in his e-mail.  To check that e-mail, first Rummeli's laptop 'hangs'.  When he spoke, the person on the other end of the phone retorted, "What is the alternative way he wants to get his money back?"  Rumeli said to return the money through Paytm.  The person on the other side agreed and said that a message was being sent to his mobile for confirmation.

 You have to confirm the refund by clicking on the message link.  It was alleged that nothing more could be seen on the screen of the mobile just by clicking on the link of Rumeli message.  Although several messages were sent in a row, he could not open them.  Rumeli was forced to restart his mobile.

 Later, his e-mail account was hacked.  The mobile number associated with his e-mail account has been changed.  By e-mailing to Konoom, Rumeli learns that more than Rs 200,000 has been lost from his credit card and Paytm accounts in several cases.  Besides Bhabanipur police station, Lalbazar cyber police station is investigating the incident.


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