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Remove China Apps: An app that will help your smartphone get rid of TikTok and other Chinese apps

People have stopped trusting Chinese products for many reasons or have started uninstalling Chinese apps like TikTok.  The TikTok app has suffered after the war of Tick Talk vs YouTube came to light on social media.  Now OneTouch Apps Labs has also developed an app called 'Remove China Apps'.  This application is now also available on the Google Play Store.

 The app has received over 100K downloads so far and over 24,000 users have written reviews.  The app has received a solid '4.8-star rating' on the Play Store.  As the name suggests, this app basically scans the apps on your smartphone that has been developed by Chinese developers.

 This app is only 3.5 MB and does not contain any advertising hassle.  This in itself shows that the developers do not want to make money from this app but they just want to boycott the Chinese app.

 If you want to try this app, go to the Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for ‘Remove China Apps’.  Download and install the app on your phone and open it.  Allow the app to scan if your phone does not have a Chinese app.  Now, tap on the 'red bin' icon next to the app you want to uninstall and confirm the process to get rid of the app.

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