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Google has brought a social distance tool, which will make the circle at a safe distance

Google has recently launched a new AR tool through which you can easily keep in touch with others by keeping social distance.  This tool is only available for Android and can only be used with Google Chrome.

 The name of this tool is Sodar and you can use it through https://sodar.withgoogle.com/ website.  This tool will track the location of your camera and map when you give permission.  Then you will see the place where you are standing now.

This tool will create an AR circle around you which will be about two meters long.  Although this length is much higher than the minimum length of keeping the social distance at six feet.  This tool is currently only available for Android devices, but will not be supported on older Android devices.  It is also thought that Google is going to bring this tool for iOS in a few days.

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 Google recommends that you bookmark this website so that you can easily run it whenever you are out of the house.  Protecting social distance is not something that is difficult.  But we need to know exactly how much distance we need to maintain.  That's where our new tool 'Google Sodar' will work.  You can also share this app with others so that they too can take advantage of this app.

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