How to configuring firewall using advanced security and Block and Reopen a Website windows 10

Introduction of Configuring Firewall

Here is a step by step walkthrough of how to configure a firewall, Block a website, and reopen the firewall block on windows 10.

Configuring firewall on windows 10

Firewall can be software, hardware, or a combination of both that secures networks, servers, and computers from viruses and hacking attacks. It ensures protection against unauthorized and unwanted communication between computers over a network. A firewall enforces strong authentication between who wants to access information and resources over the network. Firewalls also protect a computer against security vulnerabilities and malicious activities on the Internet.

To configure a firewall using Advance Security and block a certain website on Windows 10, perform the following steps:
  1. Search for firewall on windows 10 and from the list of results click on Windows Firewall.
  2. The system and security window opens then click on Windows Firewall
  3. The windows firewall window appears to click the turn windows firewall on or off link on the left side as shown in the below picture.
  4.  The window firewall Configure looks like this in the below picture.
  5. In the Windows firewall window,  click on the advanced setting link as shown.


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